Greek Restaurants in North London

greek restaurants north london

Greek cuisine is popular both among Londoners and its visitors. There is a number of Greek restaurants in London, from small family-run ones to big chains with branches all around the UK. Today we’d like to focus our attention on Greek restaurants North London.

North London is one of London’s most desirable neighbourhoods that has always attracted a creative crowd. There is a number of different things to do and see here. From theatres and museums to some of the best independent shops, restaurants, bars and cafes.

North London is also a home to Camden Town, one of the best known and most popular areas in London. Its streetlife and nightlife makes it an exciting place to live in or just visit. Camden is particularly known for having a variety of restaurants and cuisines.

Greek Restaurants North London – Karavas Restaurant

Many of the best Hellenic eateries are clustered around north London, catering to settlements of Cypriot and Greek expats hungry for souvlaki, gigantes and other Greek specialities as good as they taste back home. Karavas is (as we believe) one of the best Greek restaurants North London has. If you want an authentic mediterranean food in a warm friendly atmosphere – this is the place for you.

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